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Ledge Light Foundation's former president Todd Gipstein's novel, "In the Shadow of the Light" is a psychological thriller that takes place aboard Ledge Light. Two men, at different times, spend the night on the lighthouse and experience some disturbing events. Is it the work of Ernie the ghost, who legend says haunts Ledge Light? Or is the mens' imaginations running wild as they endure the shadows and isolation of the lighthouse? The book features many local characters and locations. A portion of each book sale will be donated to the Ledge Light Foundation to help ongoing restoration work and museum exhibits. The book is available on Amazon in print or eBook formats, as well as B&N and Apple. You can find it locally at Studio 33 in New London. Curl up with this thriller about our treasured local landmark ... but keep the lights on while you read! Then come out on a tour and find the clues to the mysteries of the shadows of Ledge Light.
Click on the photo above to see the trailer
Click on the photo above to see the trailer for "In the Shadow of the Light"

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Please note that the Ledge Lighthouse
passport stamp is only available to those
who come out to the lighthouse on a summer tour.

Seeing it from ashore or a passing ferry/boat
does not qualify as a visit to the lighthouse.

The Ledge Light Foundation does NOT provide
lighththouse stamps by mail.